I am Priyanka Jaitely from Lucknow. I had PCOS for last 7 years. My periods were always delayed. After marriage due to PCOS I was not able to conceive. Twice pregnancy was aborted. I took Furocyst for 4 months and not only my cycle was regularized but I got pregnant and delivered a baby girl in Oct 2015.
Many thanks to Furocyst .
I feel its a good product for infertility due to PCOS.

Priyanka Jaitely

I have been using Furocyst over the past 2year for patients of PCOD and my overall experience in term of symptom control is satisfactory.

Dr. Sunaina Bansal, MD, DNB (Obst & Gynae), IVY Hopital, Mohali

In my study of twenty five cases who were on Fuorcyst for PCOD, two patients conceived in the period of my study.

  • Mrs. Zaibunnisha, 35years concienved after 2months course. Her EDD was oct.2014. She lost follow up after conception.
  • Mrs. Nahid, 25 years, conceived after the first course & delivered in August 2014.
Dr. Amrita Japuriar, M.S.,DNB (Obst & Gynae)

Thank you Furocyst for making my life easier. I was diagnosed PCOD 4 years back and about 5 months ago started taking Furocyst caps. A drastic change within 4 months. PCOD 90% gone,able to get 7 hour sleep and a flaw full skin.

Kirandeep Kaur Chahal , Chandigarh

At the age of 19 after sonography, it was detected

PCOS patient .  My Doctor have suggested that time ,after child birth,your PCOS problem will solved…initially I was on Metformin. Then  Lots of medicine I tried before but cycle was not regularised

I am 36 years in age.

Now after taking 6 month of Furocyst capsules,my hormonal imbalances was reduced and period is regular without any side effect..

I am continuing Furocyst….

Swagata Mitra

I used furocyst for 2 months and i found good results. I am very happy with the results overall.

Mahua Mozumdar

Have been using the products for a while now, effective and efficient.

Arushi Gupta

Best products for PCOD

Arushi Rajput

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 21. It was very hard for me as I was told that I may never get rid of the condition and that there isn’t any natural way to manage it. After taking Furocyst for 1 year, my blood test results did not show any sign of PCOS or hormonal imbalance. This has really changed my life for the better and I’m really glad to have found out about it. I will highly recommend this to anyone else suffering from this condition.

Riya Goyal

The product is very good for… pcos I used it and it work for me, my period stop for 10 years. My tummy very big, I put on weight but after talking furocyst everything is normal. Am a happy woman now, Thank you Furocyst I said bye bye for pcos

Justina Adaugo, Nigeria

Hmmmm, furocyst furocyst furocyst,
If gotten then original one,works like magic and correct anything thing pcos or cyst in a woman wanting to get pregnant.
Have used it and it work well,but it gave chronic ocher.
My advice is if using it, never on empty stomach and eat like no tomorrow.
Because the drug is so powerful. I know.but am not the type that eat much. But it work powerfully sha…
And am happy to recommend it for other women trying to convince.

Adewale Adetola, Nigeria

I have been using furocyst from last four months and there are giving great results for my PCOD condition. I have lost about 12 kgs of weight in last four months and also got periods naturally without taking any other medicine to get periods.

Sneha Shinde

It is something herbal n non chemical remedy for my problem. I have been searching long for such medication tat isn’t artificial harmone based.. Works like magic!

Sonal Bajpai

Really effective..very happy with the results..one tablet twice a day..

Soma Mukherjee

Due to PCOD I have not got my period for 4 months. after trying Fenfuro Furocyst I finally got my period on the last day of the 30 day cycle of tablets. I would definitely recommend it!

Amazon customer

One of the best product. I have used in Feb and ordered again. Very effective on pcos acne. Simply awesome n worth buy


Personally tried and tested. Great product if you are dealing with PCOS and its symptoms like me. read more

It’s my pleasure to write abt this wonderful medicine which now is my routine from last more then 2 years. I m suffering from PCOD from more then 8 years and no medicine helped me out. But furocyst is one medicine that had really cured the problem.
I m getting my regular periods after taking two dose a day.
Once I tried with one dose per day but it didn’t worked so shifted to normal dose.
It’s a bit costly but worth when disease is cured.
Hemani singh

I am Ramneek Kaur living in Chandigarh. I had PCOS from last one year, i had taken Furocyst in a trail run in PGI & my symptoms have improved a lot & i want to take it for another one month so as do completely vanish my symptoms. read more

Ramneek Kaur

I am Akanksha & suffering from PCOD from 1year. I have enrolled myself in programme of Furocyst in PGI. I was benefited by this programme. Now I take more medicine to finish my problem. read more


I am Navjot Kaur  from Ambala Cantt. I have been suffering with PCOS from last one & half year. But after, consuming the Furocyst for three months, I do not find any problem. I want to continue the medicine after three months as well. read more

Navjot Kaur
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