It is known that in a healthy human body each cell membrane normally contains some 20000 active insulin receptors whereas an insulin resistance patient’s cell membrane has around 5000 active insulin receptors, causing excess free-floating insulin and glucose.

Fenfuro is the first dual action insulin sensitizer and exhibits hypocholestremic activity.
In presence of high fiber Furostanolic saponin cells are more sensitive to insulin.

An increase in number of insulin receptor sites occurs which are responsive to insulin to stimulate the cells ability to burn glucose (i.e newer insulin receptors with definite insulin sensitizing activity due to specific effects on the islets of langerhans in the Pancreas)

High fiber Furostanolic saponins delay the rate of gastric emptying and slows carbohydrate absorption & thereby reducing insulin requirements. THEREBY BRINGING EUGLYCEMIC EFFECTS

Furostanolic saponins also increase peripheral utilization of insulin & THEREBY BRINGS DOWN THE HYPERINSULLINAMEA the root cause of DIABETIC COMPLICATIONS

High fiber Furostenolic saponin increases viscosity of the digesta thereby inhibiting cholesterol absorption from small intestine and also the inhibition of bile acid re-absorption from the terminal ileum. Thus there is decrease in VLDL, LDL & Triglycerides level where as no effects on HDL.