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FENFURO – Supports Healthy Glucose Levels


fenfuro supports healthy glucose levels. Good for diabetes

FENFURO™ is a proprietary product derived from Fenugreek seeds (Trigonella Foenum Graecum) by an innovative process. It is a group of furostanolic saponins that help to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. FENFURO contains a rich variety of saponins and flavonoids. All of these substances are known to play valuable role in maintaining a stable Glucose levels.

Fenfuro is supported by 7 international patents and has also been clinically evaluated on 462 diabetic patients. The clinical studies have been published in well-known international journals and have won awards in many international conferences.

It is an Over the Counter (OTC) product and has been approved by FSSAI.

  • 100% natural and innovative
  • Extracted naturally from Fenugreek seeds
  • It is a single herb extract without additives and excipients
  • Suitable to maintain blood glucose level
  • Supported by 7 international patents
  • Clinically Evaluated on 462 patients
  • No known side effects
  • Halal and Kosher certified
  • Mitigates the risk of unhealthy blood glucose level
  • Easily digested and readily absorbed
  • Natural Supplement
  • 30 convenient capsules to allow you to take anywhere with you