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Fenfuro Subscription Pack


FENFURO™ is a group of furostanolic saponins, derived from fenugreek seeds (Trigonella foenum graecum) by innovative process. One of the most important properties of fenugreek seed extract is blood sugar level (BSL) lowering property. Various studies have investigated blood cholesterol-lowering and blood glucose lowering properties of fenugreek seed extract. FENFURO contains a rich variety of saponins and flavonoids. All of these substances are known to lower blood lipid levels and play valuable role in glucose regulation.

Prosman Subscription Pack


PROSMAN™ is an innovative product derived from Prunus Domestica that has anti-inflammatory effects by inhibiting production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins in the prostate.

It has been derived from prunus domestica & comprises of active constituents beta-sitosterol & decosylferulate. Prosman has no known side effects and is safe for consumption.