In 15 days you will start seeing results. I weighed 90 kg and after using this product I reduced 10 kgs in 4 week. Best part is no rigorous exercise or diet control. This pill did wonders for me. Bought second time and will buy again. A must if you are worried about your over eating habits. As a suggestions please take 3 ltrs of water daily. This will do wonder. I tried some other African Mango pills after taking this but nothing worked and gained weight. But good part again back to it and no side effects checked all stats. This is wonder pill for me.


As already known to you that My wife and my son is on Furoslim  and dosage are two caps twice a day half an hour before meals. Products is showing good results.

Son has lost 5 kg and wife has 4 kg in eight weeks

Dr S K Gupta MD DM, Meerut

The FUROSLIM seems to be working for my wife.  She had tried numerous products, exercises and dieting but they did not work at all. She was always feeling hungry, constantly eating something and putting on weight. Now her constant hunger and cravings have reduced.Though she eats less, her energy levels are OK.  She has reduced some weight i.e. a few KGs.The Cost is on the HIGHER SIDE even though the product seems to be GOOD.  Most Indians will not be able to afford it.

fenfuro Testimonials
L. Haokip, New Delhi

I am Aisha, a Nigerian who has been struggling to loose weight for a very long time. Nothing seemed to work for me. One faithful day I came across furoslim in a drug store in Kaduna state of Nigeria where I live. I decided to give it a try and I am very impressed with what I got. I have lost 3.5kg in two months and given my experience with weight loss, I am highly impressed.

I will like to know if you ship your products to Nigeria. A lot of Nigerian’s need your help to loose weight.

fenfuro Testimonials
Alisha Nigeria

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