Thanks for this amazing product which controls the diabetes in a natural way without any harmful chemicals. Hats off to Chereso. It has really worked for me. Earlier My Fasting sugar was around 135 and now it is well under control ranging between 90-105. And earlier PP sugar was 150+ and now is well under control ranging between 105-110. I will test also HbA1C and I expect this to the level of 5.5. Amazing effect. Thanks to Chereso for this great product. read more

K.Ganapathy Krishnan

I bought this for my grand mother and it really helped her a lot in diabetes.Thanks for the awesome product!! read more

Amazon cutsomer

little expensive if you have to take 2 tabs twice a day. but great results

Amazon customer

My grandmother used to take insulin injections and within 5 months of usage now she dont need it anymore.
It works slowly but is completely worth it. read more

Amazon customer

Good product from a good seller. read more

Amazon customer

Excellent supplement, helped regulate my diabetes. read more

Farah Imam

Good alternative supplement for people who wish to avoid allopathic medicines and like natural options read more

Amazon customer

Yes it’s very good , I have just finished a bottle and my blood sugar came down to 8.200 from 14.900 and I ve started another one after giving a break of one week just to see how it has helped . It actually worked . Big up !!! . Cheers

Mr. Duke, Nigeria

I am Diabetic from last 15 years. I was on Insulin & oral hypoglycemic drugs. In June 2012, I started taking ‘ FENFURO’ for two months, after starting FENFURO I have completely stopped Insulin & other hypoglycemics. FENFURO has made tremendous impact on quality of my life & i am back to a healthy normal life. read more

Dr. (Col) R. K. Sharma, MBBS, MD, MBA

I have been taking Fenfuro twice daily (morning and evening) from last two year.Its really effective and natural medicine to control diabetes.

Shiv Kumar

i am Very happy..using fenfuro past 2 is natural and safe.


Personally tried and tested. Great product if you are dealing with PCOS and its symptoms like me. read more


It taste is very good and it is also refreshing, now race toward a healthy life start with this. read more


I purchased this and use first time really nice taste and healthy also helpful for health, I’ll use this coffee daily… thank you for this product. read more

Harish Kumar

I loved this coffee. I’m buying again definitely. read more

Nikhil Patil

Great Taste.!
Perfect health Drink for coffee Lovers and Diet Concerned People.
read more

Ayush jain

Original green coffee. Who likes coffee can at least try once and I am sure you cannot stop your self buying again. Its very refreshing. read more


In 15 days you will start seeing results. I weighed 90 kg and after using this product I reduced 10 kgs in 4 week. Best part is no rigorous exercise or diet control. This pill did wonders for me. Bought second time and will buy again. A must if you are worried about your over eating habits. As a suggestions please take 3 ltrs of water daily. This will do wonder. I tried some other African Mango pills after taking this but nothing worked and gained weight. But good part again back to it and no side effects checked all stats. This is wonder pill for me. read more


Gcb70 is very effective product for loose weight. Improve your body metabolism and make your immunity system strong with the help of Gcb70. read more


I feel some relief. I think it should be used for a long time for total relief. read more

Ashok Kumar Sharma

It did help with my father’s prostate situation. Good product but don’t understand whether it should be taken permanently or for just one course of 3 months. read more


It is good, effective product, yields results..But needs clarifications over its period of usage, is it to be taken life long or fir a limited period. .More technical details need to be shared by the manufacturer. read more

Vilas Bagi

My Grand father used this product & found very effective. He start noticing the results within a month. Thanks to manufacturer for this natural & wonderful innovation. read more


I bought this for my grand mother and it really helped her a lot in diabetes.Thanks for the awesome product!! read more

Amazon cutsomer
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  1. Sunil Chauhan

    Purchased product for my mother for Blood glucose management & found FENFURO very effective. We are very much satisfied with the product & with its results.

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