Here, I shall like to share the use of cap. FENFURO in the diabetic patients especially Type 2 D.M. cases. I have it quite useful in the diabetic patients of recent onset or prediabetic patients where the usage of this drug delays the usage of other antidiabetics drugs or use of other oral hypoglycemic agents have come down considerably with no risk of hypoglycemic which is an achilles heels of other oral hypoglycemic agents.

I wish to make a special mention of  my use of this indigenous drugs in my patients with diabetic nephropathy  where it has proved to be boom in controlling the blood sugar without any side effects.

Dr. Ashok K. Aggarwal, M.B.B.S., M.D.(Med) PGI

I have used FENFURO in a number of patients for the last 1 year as an added drug to conventional OHA’s. After few weeks of use, HbA1c in most of the patients decrease tremendously to reach near normal. in about 3-4 case, the dose of Metformin and insulin had reduced to maintain the normal sugar level.

One patient, 55 years old, who never had normal fasting blood sugar levels, showed normal sugar level and have put himself on this drug only.

In my experience, i have found very positive effects of the use of FENFURO

Dr. S. K. Chawla, M.B.B.S, M.D.- Chandigarh

I feel good but it is too early to say positively. I wish the company
would consider reprising for the Indian market.

J S Duggal

I started using FENFURO from March 2013.

YES my HbA1c level has been reduced from 10 to 9.6.


I feel more energetic then one month back.

Prakash K Mishra

My HbA1C levels are always good..6.

I am not started the drug and i feel it is very expensive.

C S Raju

FENFURO capsules twice each day after meals. Now insulin is completely stopped and blood sugar is normal.Do I have to continue FENFURO same dosage or discontinue?

N R Murthy

As you know I have been taking Fenfuro twice daily (morning and evening). My HBA1C has come to 5.21 this time (Aug). I believe it is because of Fenfuro, Seeing HBA1C doc has reduced Galvus Met (50/500) from twice daily to once a night.

Ashish Banerjee, Bangalore

From the last over a decade, I am using and Recommending your Fenfuro. The finding results are very satisfactory.

Dr. B.B.Puri

I am delighted to inform you that I have been taking Fenfuro capsule for last 3-4 months and I am very
happy with the results.
My blood glucose level has come down from 100 to in the rallge of 80 and my LIPID profile also came
down from high risk to normal levels.
I wish Fenfuro team all the success and my heartiest congratulations for successfully bringing the
product in market.

Rajiv Goyal

I am consuming this product from last six month.i got very good results. I told my friends who are suffering from diabetes from long time. They all are satisfied & has got good response.

Jaspal Singh Dhillon

I had experienced with FENFURO for personal use as an antidiabetic supplement. It has been observed that it is very effective to manage your blood sugar levels.

Dr. T. S. Nagpal, MS- Surgeon, Patiala

I am Diabetic from last 12 years. I was on Insulin & oral hypoglycemic drugs. In June 2009, I started taking ‘ FENFURO’ for two months, after starting FENFURO I have completely stopped Insulin & other hypoglycemics. FENFURO has made tremendous impact on quality of my life & i am back to a healthy normal life.

Dr. (Col) R. K. Sharma, MBBS, MD, MBA

We bought this pack earlier also and its seems beneficial to maintain sugar level, you are requested to send one more pack of 30 capsules on below mentioned address on Cash on delivery basis as soon as possible.

Naushad Saifi, Ghaziabad

it seem to be wonder drug, good to know somebody came with a life saving drug for diabetics.


I have purchased ur product FenFuro for Diabetes vide cash memo No. 146 dt.09.06.10 I am getting excellent effect

Davinder Singh Ahluwalia

U may be aware that I hv ordered 1 bottle of abve caps sometime in Jun.10 &after consuming these caps.the sugr.levels r checked on 17.08.10.The results r as under:-      1)Bl. Sugr. 106 (147) Fast.                    2)Bl.Sugr.  114(169)  the bkt. R previous levels.from the above it is seen that Fenfuro has worked EXCELLANTLY. Congratulations for ur solid research

Padhye Sudhir, Mumbai

I have been taking fenfuro for last six months. I was detected  pre diabetic around year and half ago. My HbA1c was 6.7.The doctor put me on one tab of Metformin and advised me for regular walk and diet control. I lost around 10 kg weight and the test showed only marginal improvement.After one year I started taking one capsule of Fenfuro along with Metformin regularly.

Within three months of taking Fenfuro along with Metformin the results improved my HBA1c came down to 6 the fasting was 95 and PP was 98. The doctor advised me to stop Metformin. I stopped Metformin and continued taking Fenfuro. Now almost three months have passed I am taking only Fenfuro one capsule.The checks made at home with acucheck shows fasting in range of 100.

Rakesh Sehgal

I have been very satisfied with the tablets and worked very well with my mother who is a diabetic. We have been ordering quite a few times and now we need three bottles of FENFURO now

Vishnu, Chennai

I have been taking Fenfuro for the past 6 months.  I find that my blood Sugar levels which use to be about 7 / 8% above normal are now within normal levels.  Also the Quantum of medicine has reduced by about 20%.


I would like to inform you that my doctor was amazed  after looking my reports. i got drastic change in my sugar level. My Hba1c was very high but now it come down to normal range.


Daulet Singh, New Delhi

My wife is diabetic but she is not controlling food so there is not much benefit in diabetic but she was suffering from mild fever since last one year which is vanished now,now no fever further she was taking two tablet which she reduce to one tablet for diabetic.

Aajay khemka

I am 63 and have been type 2 diabetic since 50. I am a vegetarian, get up by 4 am daily, walk barefoot inside home for 40 mts after filter coffee with sugar, stretch exercises for 30mts and pranayam for 70 mts. Fruits for breakfast. Generally I do not avoid sweets, rice, wheat etc.I have been on Riomet Duo 500/2 one tablet in the morning and 500/1 one tablet in the night. Some months back fasting/pp sugar levels were high in the region of 140/ 160. Since started taking fenfuro-one in the morning before breakfast, fasting level has come down to 105.Cholesterol / triglyceride levels are much better–in the region of 150– earlier they used to be around 180-200.

N V Sripathy, Navi Mumbai

i have been using fenfuro product for diabetes for the past 6 months………….i am plaesed 2 inform u that my experience with the tablets so far had been positive…………..


1 The HbA1c got readuced marginally from 9 to 8%…………………….

2 The asting and p.p values have reduced considerably and now it is around 100 and 150 respectively……………………

3 My apetite has improved……………….

4 Digestion is good and the constipatiention problems have considerably decreased………………..

5 Iam still continuing the tablets 2 c the further effects on HbA1c…….results


i fell that the tablets have really helped in controlling diabetes

K N Vasanth

my history of starting fenfuro as under
starting date.28.04.2010 at sugar level Hb-A1-c 9.8%
dt 21.07.2010 sugar level 7.5%
previous english medicine was PIOZ MF G1 @ 0.5 Tablet morning and night time and for

B.P Tazloc 40 ONE TAB NOON
now at your priscription night time pioz dose stopped and piosys 15mg started at night time w.e.f 01.08.2010
Medicine is continue till today.
hba1c level was 7.9on dt 24.10.2010


I have been a diabetic for the past 15 to 20 years. I’m on oral medications and insulin. I have been taking Fenfuro since the beginning of this year. Taking the average of the past three months, my blood sugar level is now 5.7. My doctor has told me that my blood sugar is well under control for now. So, thank you for this wonderful medicine.

Mang Ngaihte

your product is very effective….

good results….

the only demerit being the high cost….

keep doin the good work.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma

I am a patient of several problems and one of it is diabetics..after taking Fenfuro i am ok now .my fasting is between 65-90 and my pp is 160-170. previously i was getting fasting in between 110-140 and my pp 200 and above. thanx for this medicine which has cured me. i really liked.

Lakshmi Kuppuswami

Congratulations on bringing out such an useful product “Fenfuro” . I firmly believe in “Preventive Maintenance” – Prevetion is better than cure & regular use of FENFURRO helps control of FBS  & HB1AC . This is not only a testimony to the benefits and advantages of your wonderful product but also suggest use my experience to popularise sales abroad and in the international markets . The price is reasonable & competitive . Lots lots of professionals , business men , traders etc will benefit by having FENFURO regularly

Yousuff Ahmed, Bangalore

2 months back i check up sugar fasting 283,P.P 450 and HBa1C 10.02.and i started fenfuro as per your instruction taking 2 capsules a day. now i already completed 90 capsules.before 2 weeks i again check up , the result is fasting 127, P.P 181 and HBa1C

Harshad Kothari

I learnt about “Fenfuro” through your advt. in Deccan Herald.

My wife is a diabetic and was on Insulin 30 units per day.

She started taking “Fenfuro” at one capsule a day initially and then 2 per day.

Over a period of 3 months, slowly the insulin dosage was lowered and she is out of insulin for the past one month.

I thank you and your team for the wonderful product and need to study the effect over the next six months

Soundhar Rajan